An interesting incident happened yesterday at ACA-VDCA Cricket Stadium, Visakhapatnam. The sharp spinning delivery from Keshav Maharaj deceived both the keeper and batsman and went to the boundary for four. The boundary boy had to cover a long distance to collect the ball. On reaching the spot, the boy started searching for ball beneath the rain covers. During his search, another boy joined him to help. Meanwhile, the cameraman spotted the ball between the two boundary cushions. He kept showing it on the big screen to bring it in their notice. The boys were so busy in searching that they neither noticed the screen nor any gesture from the crowd. The nearby fielder Aiden Markram had to went there to pick the ball, and the whole stadium laughed desperately.

While commentating on a Hindi sports channel, Sunil Gavaskar described the situation by using the famous words of a Pakistani child Ahmad Shah "Peechay to Dekho", meaning look back. He was asking the boundary lads to look back and pick the ball. 

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