A disappointing performance by Pakistan cricket as they lost to Sri Lankan's young but very talented side. Nobody was expecting Sri Lanka even to come near in the contest. After the 2-0 lost in ODI at Karachi, T20 series was of no match but the results were unpredictable. It is for the first time that Sri Lanka has beaten Pakistan in a bilateral T20 series and luckily at Lahore. The Sri Lankan B team looked more determined and hungry for a win. Where were they, In ICC Cricket World Cup 2019? 

Pakistan had bad days of T20 cricket. Misbah ul Haq and his copartners tried lots of experiments in one single attempt. Things looked great on paper but disastrous on the ground. Faheem Ashraf, Asif Ali, Ahmad Shehzad, Umar Akmal and Iftikhar Ahmad all tried in the same match. Sarfraz captaincy, batting and, keeping were under severe criticism and experimenting something new at the crucial stage was a foolish policy. With the T20 World Cup ahead team need to win such series to go there with confidence.

Umar Akmal, the extremely talented batsman, has wasted himself with such an ease that no one could ever believe. We witnessed a batsman who possessed the ability to hit six to Johnson's bouncer and Malinga's yorker with ease. But he was never up to his potential to won a single match for green shirts. He wasted himself by a false coating of overconfidence and arrogance with zero performance. He had plenty of chances to finish the game but he always came up with an immature cricketer who lacks mental capacity. With two golden ducks in a row against Sri Lanka, he has joined Tilakaratne Dilshan in most ducks in T20 career. If any cricketer has done injustice with himself, he is none other than Umar Akmal followed by Ahmad Shahzad. 

Talking about Fakhar Zaman who has been a constant failure for a long time is also not learning from his mistakes. The players like De Villiers and Morgan practised ramp shots for years before executing while, Fakhar was trying the orthodox shot with no technique, training and balance. Where the hell you get such mentality? When there is field restriction in place look for gaps like Sri Lankan opener did. They played Muhammad Aamer so well by hitting gaps with good timing. 

Misbah needs to look and analyze things as they misjudged the Sri Lankan cricket team and took them as an easy opposition and on the day, they played better cricket than Pakistan. 

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