Toss is one of the major components that constitute a cricket match irrespective of format. Coin toss help captains to decide whether to bat or bowl first after detail analyses of pitch and conditions. Toss has a vital role in cricket. It defines the course of the match and strategies that are adopted by both the teams.

Pakistan has always given some unique laws to cricket. Pakistan has the credit of introducing T20 and double-wicket tournament at International level. Pakistan also has the credit to organize the first day-night test match in first-class cricket.

History is about to repeat, Pakistan is practising a new way to start a cricket match. For the first time in cricket history, instead of a coin toss, the home team has been granted the right to decide. The new rule will be applicable from Quaid e Azam trophy a first-class tournament in Pakistan. According to PCB, this act will assist the home team more than a coin toss. Strong opposition and competition will help to lift the standards of first-class cricket. PCB is very keen for the successful implementation of no toss rule. 

Critics might perceive it as a biased rule which will impact the anticipation of a match. The excitement level may not remain the same and, it will become easier to predict a winner as the home side has a clear advantage. The rule will put the home team on an attacking and visiting side on defending mode for a definite reason. 

PCB has strongly urged the ground staff to make quality pitches as they will play a vital role in the tournament. Quality pitches will determine the success rate of no toss policy. 

Apart from no toss rule, ICC has received a piece of advice from English domestic players that they should be allowed to play in shorts instead of trousers in hot seasons. 

Pakistan Cricket Board
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