For the first time in the history of cricket, an one day international will end in two days. Isn't it interesting? 

In the first of two semi-finals between India and New Zealand,  New Zealand scored 211 for 5 wickets in 46.1 overs when rain interrupted the play and the match was unable to resume due to heavy showers and wet outfield. According to ICC laws of cricket, a final, semi-final or any knockout match can move to the next day if the conditions are not fit enough to have a match. Via the same principle, the match in Manchester will be resume from the same score without any reduction in the overs. If the rain continued the next day, then we might have a reduction of certain overs.  And if the rain continued throughout the day then the team ranked higher in the points table will be declared as a winner, In this case, India. 

The only thing which has surprised me in the entire cricket world cup was "Why they never cover the outfield with any material during rain?" I mean, the cricket world cup is in England and we have seen many modern types of equipment and technologies during matches then why can't this be? We have seen the outfield covered in India, Lahore and, in Sri Lanka as well. Well, that part was just a bit disappointing. 

Sri Lanka                                            


ICC Cricket Wolrd Cup 2019 England & Wales
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