Finally, the International Cricket Council has approved the first test cricket championship ever in the history starting from 1st August 2019. The idea was under consideration since the year 2010 though it failed to inaugurate twice. 

Out of 12 test cricket nations, 9 teams will take part in the first test championship. The final will be played on June 2021 at Lords. Each team will play 6 series including 3 home and 3 away. The series can consist of 2 to 5 test matches, irrespective of matches the maximum points of a series will remain 120. The points method as follow:

For a 2 match series:

win=60, draw=30, tie=20

For a 3 match series:

win=40, draw=20, tie=13.3

For a 4 match series:

win=30, draw=15, tie=10

For a 5 match series:

win=24, draw=12, tie=8

The points for defeat will remain zero in any case. The team with a slow over-rate will face 2 points deduction per over. 

The participants of the first ICC Test Cricket Championship are
  1. England 
  2. Australia
  3. India
  4. Sri Lanka
  5. South Africa
  6. Pakistan
  7. Bangladesh
  8. New Zealand
  9. West Indies

The other test cricket teams which are not the part of this tournament are Afghanistan, Ireland and, Zimbabwe. These teams will play their routine matches against the participants of the Test cricket championship but will not be counted in the tournament schedule.

The tournament schedule has already been announced by ICC. You can check it on their official website.

ICC Test Cricket Championship 2019-20
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