So one of the best cricket tournament has come to a dramatic end. England won the cricket world cup 2019 at Lords for the first time to his name. Second ICC trophy for England after World T20 2010. The runner up New Zealand's are yet to win an ICC event. They played superbly yesterday but, the luck wasn't on their side. Its been two consecutive finals for New Zealand. They lost to Australia at Melbourne in 2015 and now to England at Lords. 

The cricket World Cup campaign started brilliantly for both the teams. England was the favorite while New Zealand was off to a flying start. In the latter part of the league stage, both were threatened by Pakistan for the fourth spot. Fortunately, England won its matches comfortably while New Zealand was saved by net run rate. 

The final of the ICC cricket world cup 2019 was nothing more than a drama. The ending was absolutely nonrealistic. We had a tie at first, okay, it happens but, we had a tie in super over as well. That part of the final was something unacceptable as the winner was declared on the most number of boundaries being hit in the final and the super over. For many critics, the rules of cricket need to be modified for events like the cricket world cup. But remember it happens for the first time in cricket history. The rules were predefined and every professional knew about it. 

When Woakes and Plunket get out New Zealand were favorites but there was an anticlimax to climax. The six from Ben Stokes was caught on the boundary by Trent Boult but he didn't realize the rope behind him. Overthrow off the bat of Stokes result in six runs for England. So, the match was full of climax and anticlimax, New Zealand ends on the side of sympathy whereas England became the champion of cricket.

ICC Cricket Wolrd Cup 2019 England & Wales
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