Another ban for the cricketer Alex Hales. He was found guilty of using recreational drugs, twice in his cricket career. He fails to meet the policies of the English Cricket Board on the drug for the second time.

He has been ban for 21 days (3 weeks) and has been fined 5% of the player annual salary. ECB holds the right to call off his agreement with the county. The county will offer rehabilitation to secure his career and further needs. For the third violation, he may be ban for 12 months.

His cricket career is going through difficult times. Recently in January 2019, the controversy of a night club and cheating on his girlfriend was trending on social media. He was fined heavily for bad acts. 

Besides of all controversies, Hales is expected to join the English training camp from the next week and, will be seen in action at Dublin against Ireland on 3rd May. He is pretty hopeful to make it to the World Cup as he has been picked up by England for the series against Ireland & Pakistan. 

Alex Hales taking the wrong turn at an accurate time. Having World Cup ahead can be a golden opportunity for him to give a shut up call to his haters.
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